Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Creative Muse

I know her head is crazy big and she looks incredibly stiff, but that's OK when you're an Exquisite Corpse. She will be one of 21 or so pages in a book done with the Portland Art Collective, a wonderful group of talented friends. The pages will be cut horizontally at the head and hat, body, and legs so the viewer will be able to interchange body parts by flipping through the book. Each of the players will be receiving a copy at our annual PAC picnic next month. We are thrilled that one of our members Maggie will be opening her gorgeous historic home and gardens to us for the picnic this year. yippee!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Skillz

Sometimes I wonder if I keep making jewelry because it gives me permission to buy more beads or if the pleasure of it actually runs much deeper. There really is great satisfaction for me in crafting a bracelet or necklace, especially in manipulating wire and metal and jewels into something that can be worn; creating a piece that reflects my love of a color or style. I much admire Stephanie Lee's artistic style and was lucky enough to find a spot in one of her classes recently at Innerstandings.
Stephanie is a natural teacher and so generous and kind. It was inspiring to learn how to torch solder and make a bezel; completely new to me.

On a different note, my little canine Simon started a course of chemo medication today to treat his Cushing's Disease. So we're staying close to home and keeping a watchful eye for side effects and hoping for the best possible outcome.