Wednesday, July 29, 2009


What to do when temperatures exceed 100 degrees and you're without AC? Why, you find the coolest place and hide out for a while. So, we're laying low at the beach house this week, Simon and me. I come and go at will...going into Astoria for shopping and fish and chips at the Bowpicker. Hanging out at the local coffee joint and cafe, or the library to get online. Picking up my crochet or tabloid magazine (do people really care that much about Jon and Kate??). Watching a little reality TV ("The Bachelorette" finale), and keeping tabs on the weather inland. Walking Simon on the beach. Wandering through the little historic area of Oysterville, snapping a few pictures. I could get used to this.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Saturday

It started here, bright and early, at the Barn House flea market in Battle Ground, Washington. There were about 20 vendors selling their authentic vintage and chic wares. It was a little crowded so I didn't take any photos close to the action. There are several Barn House sales each year in this lovely setting. Check out their calendar. Worth seeing if you're in the Portland/Vancouver area.

After leaving Barn House, hubby and I decided to head into downtown Battle Ground. First, we came across another outdoor flea market with vintage goodies, where I couldn't resist picking up a few bargains, including a little cast iron bird feeder that would make a great business card holder, should I ever get around to ordering some.

Closer to town, we followed signs that led us to a new fabric store I'd head about, "Aunt Tam's", read about it here. It's just wonderful and the owners are as nice as can be.
I ended up with a couple of pieces of yummy yardage for my stash. At this point it was time for some lunch, then homeward.

Hope you're having a beautiful, summery weekend!

In My House

I've been an admirer of Alma Stoller and her art for quite a while, so it was pretty cool to have her in Portland to teach at ArtFiberFest. That's Alma on the left, working with a student in the workshop, "Stitch, Meditate, OM".
This is the piece I started in class and is now complete. It sort of evolved into a commentary on what was worth keeping in my home, which started in a discussion at the last PAC retreat. We were having a de-stash sale to benefit our holiday show. It's always difficult to decide between what to part with and what to keep.

Monday, July 13, 2009

This 'n That

Guess I'm feeling a little colorful today. Must be summer, or creative inspiration that's coming up to the surface; maybe both. Wish they could last all year long. 'Specially these long, warm days. Sitting in the shade and laughing with friends, as we did at the PAC picnic last week, swapping out our colorful banners. Paula posted all of them at the PAC blog. Mine had their start with pieces of painted canvas done shortly after a workshop with Alisa Burke at ArtFiberFest last fall. You'd be amazed at all the things she does with canvas. Really. Check out her site.
Here's a peek of a work in progress launched in Alma Stoller's workshop at AFF last month. I'm lovin' the hand stitching. Almost done.
One of the lovely things I came away with from Vendor Night at AFF...this hand-spun yarn from Reenie Hanlin. Reenie taught us how to make a knotted scarf at one of the mini-workshops in the dorms, but I'm leaning towards a ruffled, crocheted number.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy to report I'm finishing stuff, including this quilt piece commissioned by one of my friends, Lynn. Lynn wanted something that reflected the essence of Isadora Duncan, who some consider to be the mother of modern dance. Isadora was a free spirit who lived an unconventional, and sometimes tragic life. Her demise in 1927 was also quite tragic and involved a flowing scarf entangled in the wheels of a open car.

About the quilt, the face was painted on muslin and appliqued onto the piece. I took a cue on the color scheme from Lynn. She's very happy with the results and I feel the same.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Fourth of July on the beach with my son and his wife. Sitting next to a crackling bonfire and watching the sky. There is nothing like the display of fireworks up and down the Long Beach Peninsula. We enjoyed wonderful family time last weekend; our 2 big kids and their mates. I'm still trying to catch up on projects from ArtFiberFest, among other things, and gather some photos to post. Stay tuned. Lots of things underway here.