Monday, July 13, 2009

This 'n That

Guess I'm feeling a little colorful today. Must be summer, or creative inspiration that's coming up to the surface; maybe both. Wish they could last all year long. 'Specially these long, warm days. Sitting in the shade and laughing with friends, as we did at the PAC picnic last week, swapping out our colorful banners. Paula posted all of them at the PAC blog. Mine had their start with pieces of painted canvas done shortly after a workshop with Alisa Burke at ArtFiberFest last fall. You'd be amazed at all the things she does with canvas. Really. Check out her site.
Here's a peek of a work in progress launched in Alma Stoller's workshop at AFF last month. I'm lovin' the hand stitching. Almost done.
One of the lovely things I came away with from Vendor Night at AFF...this hand-spun yarn from Reenie Hanlin. Reenie taught us how to make a knotted scarf at one of the mini-workshops in the dorms, but I'm leaning towards a ruffled, crocheted number.


tory said...

I just love the woman with the buttons in her hair. The color and texture are wonderful. said...

LOVE the crocheted scarf idea... send pics when you are done?

you rock