Friday, November 18, 2011

what's going on over here

Just popping in to say "hello" and share some of the holiday goodness that is developing in my little workshop. The Portland Art Collective holiday show is only two short weeks away and true to form, I'm feverishly creating things to fill my space at the last hour. These rag ball ornaments will hang on the "danglie tree" at the show. They're made of muslin and silk sari scraps wrapped around a foam ball.

The inexpensive rubber stamp sets I purchased here makes quick work of personalizing the muslin ribbon; the individual letters snap together...viola!

Some of these little matryoshka dolls will sit in a basket on my table and others will hang on the tree.

Lots of hooky business going on here, too, making crocheted scarves.

And sewing a few totes, as well. Somehow... it will all get done in time.