Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy to report I'm finishing stuff, including this quilt piece commissioned by one of my friends, Lynn. Lynn wanted something that reflected the essence of Isadora Duncan, who some consider to be the mother of modern dance. Isadora was a free spirit who lived an unconventional, and sometimes tragic life. Her demise in 1927 was also quite tragic and involved a flowing scarf entangled in the wheels of a open car.

About the quilt, the face was painted on muslin and appliqued onto the piece. I took a cue on the color scheme from Lynn. She's very happy with the results and I feel the same.


Paula McNamee said...

Isadora is wonderful. You captured her spirit- love the energy and movement in this piece. Lynn is very lucky to have her.

tory said...

Well done she is fantastic. I love everything about it.