Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On My Street

This Sue Hoffman must have been someone important in Westport, Washington. It's very strange to come across a street with your name on it, in this case a maiden name.


February was one of those months where nothing held still for a moment. Illness came and left our household. Home improvement projects begun and finished. A new floor laid down and paint for the laundry room. Now the contents of the den have been moved into the living room and wallpaper is being removed in preparation for some new color. I guess we hoped that we wouldn't be here when that wallpaper started looking like, well, the 90's. That room needed a major purge, anyway. It's amazing how much dust accumulates on two bookshelves.

Not much time for making things these days. Except for crochet that gets done in the time between all those other things that fill the day. Like, looking at wedding dresses with your future DIL and daughter. David and Jenn have set their wedding for September 27.

I have ideas for fabric painting and making new jewelry; and will begin an online class next week. That should give me a much needed jump start.


Paula McNamee said...

Sounds like you've been busy fixing up your home and making wedding plans. Hope to see you next week, Paula

Anonymous said...

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