Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How's Your Day?

The sun is out! I'm daydreaming about Spring already and my latest "pick-up" project is all about it. The piece of thrifted tablecloth here will soon be a new bag, although it's looking a little rumpled and hardly there at this point. I decided to go with the tradition of redwork embroidery and it's looking kinda cheerful against the white and yellow plaid.
The pattern is from Kathy Schmitz, which practically jumped in my basket while I was here. Had to edit the design somewhat so there will be a chance of the stitching being done before spring--or summer!-- are long gone.

I came across an article by Cesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer", in last Sunday's Parade magazine section titled, "What Your Pet Can Teach You". Maybe you saw it, too. This is from the article:

"For a dog, every morning is Christmas morning. Every walk is the best walk, every meal is the best meal, every game is the best game. We can learn so much by observing the way our pets rejoice in life's simplest moments. Take time every day to celebrate the many gifts that are hidden in the ordinary events of your own life".


andiknit said...

Very cool! You are so talented I can't wait to see the finished bag.

Robin Olsen said...

Fresh and charming! Love the recycled tablecloth as a background for embroidery.