Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Paint

With vacation over it was time to get back to arting; and what better way to jump back into creativity than a few classes at Art and Soul? As usual, it was a wonderful time with friends and talented teachers. I spent a little time today touching up and finishing a couple of pieces that I want to share with my art group tomorrow.

This was done in Katie Kendrick's "Tales from the Land of Odd" workshop. Katie creates wonderful, whimsical art and is, also, a patient and engaged teacher. The inspiration for my painting was the work of Gustav Klimt.

Can you see that this was done in quadrants before being assembled and worked as a whole? The base of my mixed media piece is a photo taken by my daughter, Jessica, blown-up in four laser print copies.
Tracy Bunkers teaches the technique in her "Surreal Uber Paintings" workshop. This was a super-fun exploration of paint and collage.

I'll post about my class with Albie Smith next time since I didn't manage to get photos done of my little book of paste papers.


Robin Olsen said...

These are both exciting paintings Suzanne! I can't wait to see them in person.

edina said...

Wow - these are wonderful! Looks like you had some great classes!

Shari said...

Beautiful, Suzanne! That piece from Katie's class is especially stunning to me. I'm so happy to hear you had fun. (Like you might not... LOL!)

Paula McNamee said...

Your paintings are gorgeous- the colors and the whimsy in both capture my attention to see more. It's neat how you used the Klimt painting for inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Dayna Collins said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing some snippets of your art. I was in Katie's class and a friend of mine took Traci's class. It's a small small art world after all.