Thursday, January 21, 2010


It's a very slow start on this blogging year for me. So many things to put away and catch up on after the holidays. January is my least favorite month, but these damp days and early evenings are perfect for snuggly crochet projects. This "Stripy Throw" was inspired by a pattern in Erica Knight's book, "Simple Crochet". I used a recycled blend yarn from Red Heart called "Eco-Ways". It has a soft, heavy hand when worked up.
Rather than put the yarn scraps in my already-overloaded stash, I decided to use them in a new amigurumi doll. I'm creating some of my own patterns this year; should be fun to see how these characters work out.
It's been a while since I've tried something new. After taking a workshop in journal making and keeping this month with my very talented friend Cynthia, I ventured into the world of watercolors. Cynthia has a laid-back teaching style that helps you relax and just jump in to art journaling. I've decided to create a loose leaf style journal using small sheets of watercolor paper.
Hmmm, I see a distinct colorway in this post. Must be this blues-y-gray time of year.


Robin Olsen said...

Your watercolor turned out very nice! I like the clean simplicity of the shapes in it. And, of course, I can't wait to see what new little creatures you come up with.

Debi K said...

Oh Suzanne! You finished the giant potholder! Whoo-hoo for you! LOL Your new little doll looks like he/she is going to be fun. Love the blue & white. I agree with you . . . Cynthia does a great job with her class. Looks like you are having fun with the watercolors. Take care, Debi

cynthia said...

Oh Suzanne, I love your watercolor and color charts! Fabulous. I knew you would take to this like a fish to water and I look forward to seeing more of your loosleaf journal. I think that is an excellent idea and I may just try it.

Anonymous said...

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Paula McNamee said...

Suzanne, you're creating up a storm on thess grey, rainy days. I love your throw and can't wait to see your new arigurumi creatures. Your watercolor loose leaf journal sounds wonderful- you're off to a great start. Your piece feels very NW.

Shari said...

You've been BUSY!! Gorgeous crocheting and that watercolor painting is fabulous, by the way... love the colors!