Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Art and Soul

More photos of class projects. I'm having a little struggle getting the pictures and words arranged here in a cohesive manner but think you'll get the idea. The "heart" piece is from Beryl Taylor's "Making Paper Fabric" class. You can take a look at her book here. I'm in love with Beryl's exquisite artwork.

Another fun class was "Twentyfirst Crazy Quilt" with Janet Cooper. Janet brought a huge amount of vintage bits for us to use. You can see that she combined our pieces into a wall quilt display.

The two-day workshop painting faces with DJ Pettit was awesome. DJ is a generous and patient teacher, and one of my very favorite artists.

I always have such a great experience at Portland Art and Soul and so lucky to have it right in my own backyard. Next year, I'll allow more time and energy for socializing. It's too much fun seeing old friends and making new ones!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching Up

It's been a while. I have so much admiration for my blogging pals who manage to post on a regular basis come rain or shine. My daughter has been nudging me along, asking when am I going to put up some new pictures.

Where to begin, again? Well, the bracelet here was made in a class taught by the super-talented Jan Harris at the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland. Jan did an amazing job of putting together a kit for her students and patiently took us through the process of drilling and riveting the adorable silver house charms. As usual, I needed a little extra time at home to get the job done, adding all those sparkly flower and leaf beads. I love this bracelet!

I have other things to share from additional classes at Art&Soul
and will post those soon, I hope. Meanwhile, I need to get cracking on artwork for the PAC Holiday Show. More about that later...