Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Heart 'n Art & Soul

I had a wonderful time again this year at the Art & Soul retreat in Portland. Being a local"commuter" has it's advantages. Like, not having to schlep a truckload of art supplies on an airplane, or being able to sleep in my own bed at night. On the other hand, I missed out on a lot of the full-on social busy-ness of being around a group of wildly talented and fun women. I did manage to meet up with some wonderful friends during the week, old and new, and that was the best!

This is the collaged and painted box I made in the Lisa Kaus class, "Be Still My Beating Heart". Very fun, and I finished it in class!

The first thing you learn when doing copper enameling is that it's addictive. This is a pendant I made in Richard Salley's workshop. I took 2 classes from Richard and he makes metalsmithing look easy--bending, twisting, and wrapping iron wire around found objects and turning them into lovely pieces jewelry. I found it to be a real challenge.
These are a couple of 3 by 5's done in Misty Mawn's "A Little Art of Remodeling Book" class. I hope to put these together with some yet-to-be-completed pages to create a little board-style book. I had a wonderful time here learning Misty's method of combining collage and paint.

This has been an eventful month, to say the least! Next week, I'll be heading to Port Townsend to experience ArtFiberFest. Can't wait!


Paula McNamee said...

Suzanne, Have a great time at AFF. Love all that you made at A&S. Paula

edina said...

All your A&S artwork is great! Have fun at ArtFiberFest.

Robin Olsen said...

What beautiful pieces Suzanne! I'm impressed with how much you got done there. Can't wait to see what you do at AFF--busy girl!

Shari said...

I love seeing all your creations! Woo hoo for finishing something in class!! Have a fantastic time at Fiberfest. Wish I were joining you... Hugs, Shari