Monday, October 27, 2008

Touching Down

ArtFiberFest is over and I'm getting back into the "real world". What a wonderful time we had in Port Townsend! The drives up and back were a pleasure, with the beautiful colors of fall revealed around every bend. I convinced hubby to go with and we stayed in town. Can't say that I missed the dorms at Fort Worden...OK, I'm a wimp! The weather was spectacular and Scott was able to enjoy a round of golf and long strolls in town while I was busy in workshops for 3 days. The first day's class was with Alisa Burke...what a wonderful artist and teacher she is, not to mention sweet and helpful! We had a ball painting, printing, and stenciling graffiti-style canvases which were sewn into clutch bags later in the day. I can't wait to do more of this art!

The second class was "Nature Inspired Fabrics" with Marylin Huskamp and Tracy Huskamp. You won't find teachers who are more enthusiastic or encouraging than these two women! They guided us along as we painted realistic birds on fabric.
My final workshop was "Ethereal Fragment Squares" with Ruth Rae. Ruth taught us how to dye fabrics, then layer and stitch them into mixed media collages. I learned a lot of new techniques, including how to make and use "resin paper". Loved this class experience!
The time passed all too quickly. It was so much fun hanging with my fellow fiber addicts, and being inspired by the awesome instructors. Teesha is looking for a smaller venue for next year's ArtFiberFest, which might take place in summer. I'll be there.


edina said...

Welcome home! Your AFF projects all look wonderful - glad you had a good time. I'm excited to hear that AFF might be in the summer next year. I hope I'll be able to go!

Cindy (Junque Art) said...

All of your class pieces are just great! Enjoyed taking the bird class with you! And your Art & Soul pieces are great too!!!