Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I think you can tell what kind of day it is around here. Enjoying the sun, inside (yes, there is a dog under that fur).

Just a few things around my workspace (playing with a new camera here).

The bookrack from Goodwill, painted in a favorite color.

Treasured buttons.
Pillows I made for the front room.

Prints and original work I'm loving from this artist.

Hoping you're having a good week!


Paula McNamee said...

Thanks for a glimpse of your studio. Magaly's prints are very whimsical and wonderful- what fun.

edina said...

Simeeee - I miss him!

Love seeing photos from around your house esp the bookrack you painted. I have a magazine rack that I found at Monticello that's the same color. :)