Saturday, February 27, 2010


And they smell as pretty as they look. I love the Spring-y atmosphere we've enjoyed for the last week or so. It inspires one to take on new projects and I've started a few. One involves a wood burning tool and colored pencils. More on that later.

I've signed on for an embroidery "Stitch Along" with Amy of Inspire Co. We'll be stitching a sampler in one inch squares; one for each of 39 (or whatever) days, beginning March 1. Amy has created a blog for the project. There's still time to sign-up, so check it out. I look forward to seeing the samplers progress.


edina said...

Such lovely flowers - oh how I miss having four seasons. Can't wait to see your embroidery!

CarolCot said...

I have no business doing this but am going to anyways. I don't even have the fabric yet. Thanks for posting about it. Looking forward to seeing what you create.