Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Growing things

My basil seedlings have taken off with the promise of pesto for summer. Last year's herbs ended up overgrown and under-utilized, but these were started from scratch and it hardly seems worth the effort if not used to the fullest extent possible. I'll be on the lookout for some new basil-y recipes, for sure.
So the squares march on without a hitch. I enjoy having these little daily projects. Any thoughts of having a theme or color scheme have been tossed aside. It's more fun to stitch whatever comes to mind.
A certain little beach hideaway.

Springtime blooms.

Inspiration of the Day: Wonderful mixed-media jewelry book, "Enchanted Adornments", by Cynthia Thornton. This one is a real gem! Highly recommended.


Maija said...

I want to crawl into that beach house!!!!

Paula McNamee said...

Love your little stitched squares- they feel like Spring. Missed seeing you yesterday.

Tamara C said...

All your squares are delightful! And I agree with Maija - I'd like to crawl iinto that beach house too! Hugs, tamara