Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilts at the beach

The timing of a trip out to our beach house this weekend luckily coincided with a couple of events on the Long Beach peninsula. One was Karen Snyder's open studio. Karen owned and operated "Anna Lena's Quilt Shop" in Long Beach, Washington for several years. The shop is now closed but Karen continues to be involved in the quilting supply industry as an author and fabric designer. It was a treat to wander through her aqua-and-orange colored creative space and gaze at the neatly organized fabric stash.
Karen opened her studio to the public over the weekend and asked visitors to donate a handmade pillowcase for the nationwide Million Pillowcase Challenge. My friend, Joan Casey, gave me two of her adorable penguin pillowcases to contribute. The pillowcases you see stacked in the bookcases will be donated to a local organization that serves girls who have suffered sexual abuse.

My second stop of the day was the Peninsula Quilt Guild's show at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco. Lots of handsome quilts on display, including this Australian-themed piece.

I loved the detail and fabrics used in each square.

Amazing applique work on this beauty inspired by a world cruise covering 4 oceans and 5 continents.

Wouldn't it be awesome to win this quilt?? I bought 5 raffle tickets with visions of having it fall into my hands. A girl can dream.

Speaking of dreams, I'll soon be on my way to ArtFest! Look forward to charging the creative batteries and bringing home loads of inspiration, and photos. See you next time.


edina said...

All that wonderful fabric stashed so neatly...*drool*

Have a great time at AF!

Paula McNamee said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Hope you and Debi have a good trip North.

Anonymous said...

To be so detailed! I would love the instant access, but not the long hours spent organizing and re-organizing. I have always been a puller and a thrower or shover. The organization tends to not be neat! Lenall