Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home from Artfest

My third, or fourth, time at ArtFest and think I finally got "it". Not that it's ever been less than an inspirational experience. But this time, it was just....awesome. It might have had something to do with the "fairy tale" theme, something magical around Ft. Worden. I don't know. The people, the art...it just all came together for me. Teesha and Tracy are amazing at what they do. I had plans to take lots of photos but was just too much in the moment most of the time.. The only picture here is from Lynne Perrella's workshop; a collage of paper cuttings.

I'll have more to share soon, of things made at AF and since being home. And, the little stitched squares that were set aside while I was gone.

Saw an interesting bumper sticker yesterday, "Never apologize for your Art".

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Robin Olsen said...

I love this! I took Lynne's class several years ago, and we did something similar but we put them on a wall. They look great in the window. Glad you were inspired and can't wait to see what you did!